Potential new Mariah owner. Feedback requested


Oct 8, 2010
Greetings all. The wife and I are looking to get the kids into boating. We both did it quite a bit in our youths but have never owned our own boat. I'm looking at a 93 Mariah 19' (Talari?), with the 5.0/Alpha One set up. Cosmetically clean, interior whole and not sun faded, slight rip in the stitching of one seam on the rear sun deck. Hull is clean and straight, some of the striping is starting to peel.
The owner is taking me out for a quick spin later today.

All in all this boat is in better condition than others I've looked at (Glastron, Sea Ray, etc). It's listed at $5800 firm.

Any input as to whether this price seems reasonable? I'm like anyone else, I'll pay fair value and don't want to get gouged.

Thanks in advance