Polar Kraft 2004 165SC Holes in aft battery compartment ????


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May 15, 2013
I have a Polar Kraft 2004 165SC - had it just over a year. I just noticed these 8 Holes in aft battery compartment ???? I don't know if they are there intentionally by mfr. ( drainage of water down to the sump ??) or if they were for a battery support, etc. ? They are symmetrically arranged ( see picture - I put diamonds around them). They are on both sides of boat port/starbd. They seem to have threads or had self-tapping screws. Could have been something a previous owner installed.

Anybody out there have a similar boat - do you have these holes ?? Should I leave them alone ( for drainage ) or caulk them up to keep water from deteriorating whatever is under that metal decking ????


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