Outboard work stand with hoisting abilities?

Apr 18, 2015
I've been using a 300 or 400 lb hitch mounted game hoist for lifting OMC triples lately. I built a an oversized kickdown shop crane (cherry picker style) that can lift pickup boxes and cabs. and even an 1400 lb Lincoln SA 200 welder, but its way too big and cumbersome to set up for small jobs.

I dont like the motor repair/test stand that I made, so I'm going to build a new one. This time I'm going to build one a little bit more extended with a drop socket for my game hoist to drop into. I'm also going to make the upright part of the stand so it pulls off out of sockets so I simply roll up to the boat, hoist it up enough to remove the upright frame off, spin the motor 180 degrees and lower it on the transom. No more jockying the boat around the driveway to meet up to the back of my truck. Easy peasy.

I'm also going to make the motor end of the cart open so I can roll in a floor jack or storage stands in tight so I can rotate and move motors from one to another easily.

Once I build and try it, I'll post pics in case there's some DIY/hobbyiest guys who dont have room for hoists or roll around shop cranes. These game hoists literall hang on a wall or lean in the corner. I thnk I paid $100 tax included for mine.
I suppose an electric winch could be used for those who want to spend a bit more money.

Should be a fun little project.

Any ideas on other stuff I can or should ad to it? (Aside from controls mount and a parts try)