Oil Leak & Oil Bypass Valve


Jun 16, 2008
While boating a week or so my engine alarm started sounding and when I checked my gauges my oil pressure was at 0 while in neutral and rev the pressure wnet up. When I was able to dock I looked inside engine and found that the bottom was full of oil. I checked the best I could for leaks and only found that my oil filter was rusted and leaking. (I've had my oil changed several times and apparently they never changed the filter from the looks of it) I replaced the filter and filled engine with oils again and ran the boat back.

When back home I cleaned engine compartment spotless and checked and all appeared well. I took the boat out to the lake again this past weekend and no alarm but noticed my oil pressure dropped to 0 while at idle. I started heading back and the pressure went back to normal range.

While back at dock I looked in compartment again and found oil again at the bottom. I cleaned it out and looked and this time the oil filter was a little wet with new oil and engine was still full.

What could be happening and should I replace the Oil Filter Bypass Valve?

Please email directly to JACanals@aol.com
2003 Volvo Penta 5.7ltr

Thanks all!