Nobody fishing?

redneck joe

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Mar 18, 2009
Lets have it. We get socked in alot around here. Quite a few boats were just heading out as I was coming in
prepare to be bored.

i was about 10 or so we went to the mouth of the Columbia and after we got out, boom all socked in. It was my first time out there, salmon fishing.

So we are in the middle if the river (not crossed the bar yet and dad start talking about how we need to get back to the marina but have to avoid the south jetty at all costs because if we get caught up in the south jetty we will DIE. Flip boat, crush us against the rocks, etc. So he looks at the compass and what does he do? Heads south... i was so freaking out but too scared to say anything.

They we start to hear foghorns which is of course ocean going tankers so i just know we are going to DIE.

Then I see some lights to the side of us and we thought that was land or something turned out to be prob 45' trawler heading out and of course it was very close so again, i'm just know we're going to DIE.

Dad whips in behind the boat and hollers out to the old lady (well at ten everyone is old) but she did have a pipe hanging out of her mouth. Dad asked where X marina was and she pointed at said 'THAT WAY!" Dad yelled thanks and started to turn in that direction All of a sudden "WAIT!!! NO ITS THAT WAY!!' and points in the opposite direction. South, to the south jetty.

I'm a dead man.

Fog lifted a bunch and we found the marina. Waited a couple hours went back out and I caught my first salmon. No hair comments, it was the mid 70's...



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Jan 23, 2009
First time fishing for us since February. It was nice to get out again. I lost 3 nice bass, but caught this one. I'm really out of practice. :sneaky:

My wife is more photogenic than me, so she gets the pic! :cool:

Pic of a visitor at the pond.


Aug 17, 2015
Yesterday was the grand opening of summer here at the lake, wife was out catching crappies in the bay, the pontoon is all cleaned up, the kayaks and paddle boards got used. Had a big Mothers day gathering, everybody was on the patio or on the dock, my son went on his first ski of the year and the grandson's cried when it was time to go home.