New to inflatables - used Zodiac?


Aug 6, 2019
Hey all, just signed up to the site.

I have almost no boating experience, was interested in learning to sail a little while back but like all my other hobbies finding time with two little kids has been hard so I put it off.

Current situation is I live near a river with boat launches within a couple miles of our home. After some looking around I was thinking of getting a Zodiac to take the family cruising up and down the river, with the ability to also get on lakes or even out in Puget Sound as we have time.

I'm considering new/used and came across a Zodiac on Craigslist. It's a 2001 MK3 Grand Raid w/50hp engine. Looks to have been lightly used. Says built in 2001. I'm wondering if this is likely to have a lot of life left in it. They are asking $5,500 for the boat + trailer which is the price of a brand new Zodiac Futura, although of course that's without an engine or trailer, and as I understand the Grand Raid is built stronger.

Worth it for the right price? I see a lot of people saying to watch out for glue failure as inflatables get older but I've also seen a lot of people saying their 30/40 year old Zodiac is still going strong.

Thanks everybody.

Sea Rider

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Sep 20, 2008
Welcome to Iboats,

That's a 18 year oldie, factory glue doesn't last that long no matter if being French. One thing is looking it on line, other seeing it personally as to check current overall condition by hand, inflation tests on all tubes. The asking price is good but could turn out to be a Pandora Box purchase once fully inflated to its recommended working pressure.. A 50 HP is a heavy motor, Sib could have hidden dried glue issues on the transom and risk comming appart in a very short time period. Personally would let it pass....

Happy Boating