New Carpet on 1995 Bass Tracker 17 ft


May 16, 2010
I have a 1995 Bass Tracker 17ft and I am in the process of putting a new floor down. I have stripped the old floor as it was rotted and pulled the carpet up an am down to the aluminum. I have detected a few leaks and need to get them fixed before I do anything with the floor. What do you recommend I use to fix these leaks. Gluvit, JB Weld, Welder, Epoxy? I am new to this so bear with me. I also had the idea of putting an epoxy down over the entire aluminum bottom which will created a sealant and fix the problem.

Next for the floor, I am set on putting carpet back down. Are there any things that I should know before endeavoring into this. Like marine grade vs pressure treated plywood with an weatherproof coating? What kind of glue works best for the carpet tot he plywood.

Please let me know what has worked best for you as I am open to all ideas. Thanks for helping me out in advance and look forward to seeing what I should do.


Chief Petty Officer
Jun 7, 2008
Re: New Carpet on 1995 Bass Tracker 17 ft

Regarding the carpet and floor, when I did my 90 Bayliner I used 3M spray glue and regular blue outdoor carpet both from Home Depot. The plywood was standard grade but I fiber glassed the bottom prior to install, then of course fiberglass on top. This may not have been what some believe to be the correct way but it was the most cost effective (around $200 total) and I have been on the water 2 seasons, swimming, skiing and fishing, and this will be my third. The floor is still solid and the carpet has not come up nor faded.


Aug 2, 2004
Re: New Carpet on 1995 Bass Tracker 17 ft

I've done mine (1993 Tracker Pro Deep-V 17) recently. Ripped the old deck, removed near 300lbs of waterlogged foam, cleaned the hull than put some Gluvit (it's an epoxy that stay flexible) on the seams and rivets. I replaced the foam with blue 2" foam sheet than make the deck from douglas fir exterior grade 5/8" plywood sealed with epoxy. As carpet absorb water and is a hassle to clean in a fishing boat, i put some non-slip marine vinyl on it (Nautolex brand) with outdoor contact cement and secure it to the aluminum bracket with SS screws.

Have a look in the Restoration forum, there's probably more info there than you can handle. It's a nice section, even if the Starcraft guys tend to take all the place!