Need some help with background on my Arkansas Traveler UT-12


Apr 28, 2012

I'm new here, but I'd like to ask for some help. Recently acquired what turned out to be an older aluminum Arkansas Traveler. The data plate says it's a UT-12, Serial Number 15647. Actually, i wasn't gonna do much with it except use it for fishing. But as I cleaned up an accumulation of multiple layers of paint, etc., I found that this boat's an Arkansas Traveler. I remember vaguely hearing about them and even seeing a few as a kid (1950's-60's). I've done some research in the past day or so (bought the boat last week) and I think it's pre-1958, anyway. The diecast hull logos read "Cushion-Aire-Glide". I tried to search the serial number but I'm having zero luck there. Boat came to me with a Gale Buccaneer 15 HP that seems to be in pretty good shape. Hadn't really planned on doing it...but think I'm gonna try and restore (or at least really spruce it up). Thanks in advance


Feb 16, 2012
Re: Need some help with background on my Arkansas Traveler UT-12

Can't help you much, but sounds like a pretty nice rig! Arkansas Traveler boats were quality made and with a little care, it could probably go for another 50 years. I say give it a shot! I'm currently working on an AT Comet from 1969 and having a blast. It's a great feeling to take these old girls back to their glory days. Check out for some info.

Hope this helps!