Need Help Finding A Mystery Boat


Jun 14, 2014
Hello all, this is my first post in this form.

I've come to you guys, the professionals, for some help. I'm tracking down a Sport-craft boat from my childhood, but my lack of boating knowledge I think is hampering my abilities to track stuff down online about it.

Now when I say 'a boat from my childhood' I'm betting you're probably thinking a boat my family actually owned or something.. heh.. well not exactly. XD To be honest, this is going to seem kinda weird I'm sure. But this boat is actually from an old Bermuda Triangle documentary I used to watch obsessively when I was a little kid, I guess you might even say still.. seeing as I'm going to all this trouble about it. Anyway, the whole documentary they're showing a bunch of different sunken boats and planes, apparent mystery shipwrecks in the Bermuda Triangle. I don't personally attach anything supernatural to that area, but I do enjoy a little mystery, and seeing if I can find out anything about the boats in this show would be really really cool.

It's a weird project, I know, but nostalgia makes you do some weird things. It's just I've grown up from a little kid looking at these boats and being intrigued by what happened to them and wondering if the crew survived. Now that I've grown up and there's resources like the internet I'm betting I can dig up just that kind of information.. accident reports, owner info, ect ect.

I'm such a dork, I actually uploaded the documentary onto youtube, the section with that Sport-Craft boat in question is right here at this link:

Now from the information I have been able to gather, despite my lack of boat identification knowledge. I have visually been able to identify this boat as a Sportcraft 30" Sportfisherman 300 with a fly-bridge and Bimini roof. But as far as a date for the boat I'm not sure, a lookalike I saw online said 1983, though that contradicts the story that the show gives when it claims it investigated on it's own into the wreck. But I know from searching up stuff on the other boats and planes shown in that show, that the information they give is usually wrong.

The footage in the show gives some perhaps helpful identification in the eyes of someone with the right knowledge. In one shot it shows "FL 3102 CV" which when entered into google brings up an address in Florida, though it's way off from where the show claims the boat called home either Clearwater or Miami. Nearby in that same shot appears to be some kind of license plate, it's really fuzzy but it looks like the numbers 6-30-61 are printed on it, though it might be 81 not 61 I'm not sure.

Take what the show says with a grain of salt, but it claims that an investigation revealed that the boat was owned by a man in Clearwater FL, who sold it to a man in Miami in 1982. You see what I mean about the story not making sense if this boat was made in 1983...its possible that the show just made it all up to have some mysterious story to tell.. I don't know. But if any of it's true maybe it'd help in our own investigation?

I'd love to find ANYTHING on "Big Mom," an accident report, who the owner was, weather or not the crew survived the sinking.. anything. I'm hoping the footage shows enough to get a lead on something. But I just don't know the right places to look. I'm hoping someone here enjoys a little mystery investigating and will help me out with this. : )