need advise on twin '88 Yamaha 150 carb'd


Dec 10, 2003
I bought a boat with these motors on it and I need to get it home. The boat is on Nantucket, so I need to run it about 40 miles to its new home in Buzzards Bay. I'm a bit nervous about it because it's a new boat to me, with older engines and Nantucket is about 30 miles offshore.<br />I had the boat surveyed (very good results) but was not able to sea trial. I did run the motors in a barrel. Both ran good, idled smoothly, shifted in and out of gear smoothly. Comp was 110 +/-3 in all 12 cylinders. Both motors have new stainless shift rods, and water pumps are 2 years old. Racor fuel filter/water separator was installed a year ago. I talked to the mech who has serviced the engines for the past few years. He said this past fall he changed the lower unit lube - it looked clean on inspection. Both fuel tanks are topped off (130 gal total)and stabalizer was added.<br />My plan is to change the plugs and fuel filters, charge the batteries and launch her. I'll run the boat for an hour or so, let is sit overnight, then head home the next day.<br />Should I do more thorough eval? Should I inspect the plugs after running for signs of water in cylinders? (if plugs are clean, is that a sign of water?) What bad things can happen with these motors that I'm not thinking of? What spare parts should I have on hand? Thanks!


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Jan 23, 2002
Re: need advise on twin '88 Yamaha 150 carb'd

If everything has been done by the mechanic as you say and you do your part, I would not worry about it. Try not to be to paronoid, as it looks like you have a sound boat. Run her for an hour or two before you head out and make sure all seems well and go for it..Afer all, you do have twins. If one would fail(Very Unlikely with the Yamaha's), you still have the other.