Navigation Lights Working....Then Not!

Aug 21, 2007
1996 Mariah Shabah. I recently purchased this boat and have been extremely pleased with its performance. However, The navigation lights only work from time to time. When I jiggle the wiring in the back of the switch, the lights sometimes turn on and sometimes do not. There is no flicker when I do this though so I'm guessing the wiring is OK. Can it be a faulty switch?
Thanks in advance.



Chief Petty Officer
Jul 30, 2007
Re: Navigation Lights Working....Then Not!

You know what I just put in new linterior lights in my new boat.

The AUX switch when I brought my boat home used to light up and then I noticed it wasnt lightign up and with a volt meter wasnt passign any voltage. I was goign to have it replaced so I pulled it out. When I pulled it out and played with it the darn thing light up and was working again.

I found out it was the nut thats under the dash board side of the switch was loose and for some reason the switch contacts were not touching when that nut is loose I guess. So I tightened it up and reinstalled it and now all is good.

This is a round shaft toggle switch on my boat and it sounds to me you have the same switch and problem. Just pull it out and tighten up that nut and see if that solvs the problem. Either that OR your wire contacts are loose and you just need to squeeze them on the switch tighter.