Mystery 16-ft Fiberform model


Seaman Apprentice
Dec 21, 2015
Greetings. I'm a new member who recently bought a 1970s vintage 16-ft Fiberform (faux lapstrake) without an engine. There is baffed-out 50hp Johnson 2-stroke on it now that I am replacing. On my budget, I'd like to go with a new 30 hp Tohatsu, but I'm not sure if this will get the hull to plane. Any more speed that what's required for that doesn't interest me. The manufacturer's tag (Canadian Fibreform Ltd, Kelowna, BC) states the max engine size is 100 hp and max payload is 1,665 lbs. The boat is in great shape, so anyone who has any information that will help me get this beauty in the water will be gratefully received. 16 ft Fiberform lapstrake.jpg