My new toy, yeah!!!

Petty Officer 3rd Class
Jun 29, 2004
Just purchased a 1992 17' Blue Water open bow boat with the 4.3LX (4bbl) engine and the Alpha 1 Gen II outdrive. I took it out to the local (Perris lake) lake last weekend for a shake down run. I was pretty happy with its ride and performance having come from a 14' Gregor fishing boat.

These boats seem to be built pretty well, and so far I am happy with the purchase. As an automotive tech, I went thru and serviced the outdrive and replaced a defective thermostat (stuck open). I have a few questions.

What H.P. rating is this motor rated at?
What model of boat do I have?
What did a boat like mine cost new?
Where can I get sales or owner info? I contacted Blue Water Mfg, no luck.
What prop came on these boat stock. It came with a 14.5"X19 Pitch.

Thanks guys