My new old alumacraft


Jul 15, 2021
Just to say a little about my 1967 14' Alumacraft FD model. I finally got to run tho old gal yesterday. Running a new mercury 9.9 it performed great. Put about 3 hours on it breaking in so far. Boat rode so sweet in the water and the merc pushed it better than I expected. at 3/4 throttle even in choppy water I got up to 18 mph at one time. I am trying to keep the weight to a minimum but I will be tweaking things from time to time. You guys here have been a great help to me in getting things set up. I have read so many posts and ideas that help a lot.
Note to anyone new to running a similar craft. Slow down on a lake with lots of BIG boats and Big WAKE. Kinda bouncy and hard on the old bones! Looking forward to more fun and some nice fishing time.