My first Tri-Hull


Oct 24, 2011
boat.jpgRemember using a very similar boat for skiing as a kid, belonged to a neighbor and it was a blast. An aquaintace of mine sold this one to me for 100.00 with Johnson Hydro-Electric drive 85 hp, and the trailer. The hull is perfect inside and out. Actually hull appears mint, the boat was not used much obviously. I'm excited, have to rewire the boat and replace steering cables and throttle/gear controls, they work now but last thing I want is to have something go out on the water. Anyone know where I can find original equipment/parts to restore her. Doesn't need much considering she's a 69, and yes it's the original engine too, have all the original paperwork including delivery docs and owners manual. Only two owners before me unfortunately the second left her uncovered so the floor is partially rotted but thats no problem to replace. If anyone has resto information I'll probably be asking some questions.
Don't know if the photo uploaded, if not I'll try again later.
Have a great day everyone!

Scott Chinsota

Petty Officer 1st Class
Apr 18, 2011
Re: My first Tri-Hull

welcome to the forum. yer pic posted. boat looks nice. i've got a hydro-electric lower unit and know a little about them. others here know way more but if you have questions, i may have answers. gotto go, best of luck with the rot repair.


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Aug 2, 2010
Re: My first Tri-Hull

Nice pickup BFG and welcome to the forum :)