MinnKota Powerdrive V2 Prop Not Turning


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Jul 18, 2012
I got my boat out yesterday for the first time this year. For some reason, the prop on my Powerdrive V2 wouldn't spin (54", 70# with iPilot). If i turned the iPilot all the way up to 10 it would spin intermittently when out of the water, but if it was in the water it didn't spin at all. The turn function works perfectly.

When I got home, I pulled the prop. There were a few weeds around the shaft but nothing significant. More importantly, the seal that the shaft goes through isn't sitting flush (see pic).

I pulled the 2 thru bolts to pull off the end cap to get to the armature. A little water came out. I pulled out the armature and the cardboard "ring" that sits on the end completely disintegrated and seemed wet. Only one of the brushes is moving freely....I believe that I should be able to move them both freely, correct? I found a parts kit that's called "Brush kit 3.62" that looks like it includes everything I need to replace the brushes and all the seals.

Does this seized brush issue seem like a likely culprit for my issues of the prop not spinning? I'm guessing that the shaft seal wasn't installed by someone properly (I bought the motor used) and water got in the housing and corrosion caused that brush to seize up. Sound about right?


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Scott Danforth

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Jul 23, 2011
there should never be water in there.

my guess is the water was shorting out the trolling motor as well as corroding the brush


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Jul 22, 2008
Years back I had an issue with my MK trolling motor. Called Johnson outdoors who at that time was the servicing company for MK and gave them my issues and model number. Very helpful and friendly people, sent me the items I needed to replace and talked to me over the phone when I had a problem putting it back together. I would hope those friendly folks are still in business to help you out. Look them up, good luck !!