Mako 1901 CC Inshore & general engine size question


Apr 19, 2011
I am seriously looking at purchasing a 2010 Make 1901 Inshore with a 150Hp Mercury Optimax.

I am a little concerned about the draft in the specs - it shows 20 inches, when most boats this size tend to be about 12 inches. The weight of the hull - at 1700lbs - however seems to be inline with other comparable boats. Anyone have any perspective or personal experience with this?

Also, what type of performance can I expect with the 150hp engine?

I was looking at the Angler 2000 Grande Bay and it would run about the same price, but is rated to 200HP. Does a 200HP versus 150HP make a huge performance difference, or just a few more miles per hour?

Additionally, my previous boat (the same size, a Seapro) had a wash well. The Mako does not. How does this boat perform in moderate seas, when going close offshore? Any worries about watering coming over the back?