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Looking for a Rinker!


Jun 8, 2011
Well, have been looking at boats, checking out financing, insurance and just about ready to pull the trigger...just need a boat!

I'm looking at a 250 and a 270. Now, I see on the Rinker web site a 260...do they not make the 250/270 but now a 260 and then onto the larger boats? I'm looking at used(2003/2005)..it will be an overnight/weekend at most....I really want a factory gen on it so from what I can tell, that's a 270 and I am a little concerned about towing the 270...I have a truck rated for 11300 but that just looks like a lot of boat and there are none of these around here I can look at....are there any boat owners here in the central Florida area that would not mind me looking at there boats and perhaps offer some advice on their boats? With the factory gen, can you operate it while underway? Also, as near as I can tell, the friges in these cruisers is pretty much useless unless your plugged into a shore line somewhere as I would not think you would want to run the gen just to keep your beer cool....I have a 20' bowrider now, have used it to travel all over central Fl, some salt water on the east coast around the Pounce Inlet area and then we go over to Cayo Costa in SW Fl for vacations the last 4 years for a week but a lot on the St Johns river and a couple of other chain of lakes common to our area. We are looking at going to the next level for comfort and safety and being able to go on the hook-