Looking at a 95 asto FSX


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Jun 6, 2011
I might buy this boat boat, but I am a newbie. Looks like it has been well taken care of, what should I look for and how can I tell if the floor and stringers are sound. Is the floor in this boat glass or plywood?


Mar 6, 2011
Re: Looking at a 95 asto FSX

My recomendation is get a pro to look the boat and motor over before buying.My son did not and we have a major project boat, 1995 ASTRO 2100CC, 21' center console. All the stringers rotted and several soft spots in deck, some hidden. Stomp around on the deck should be a good indicater. Open all hatches and tap where ever you can reach.

Added info: the boat we have was mistreated and sat in the lake uncovered for several years so got rain and storm water in the boat and not pumped out and dryed very often. It was a nice boat at one time and certainly disguised it's condition. The novice tends to get too excited when they get the boat buying bug. Just be cautious and get help. Go talk to your local marinas/boat repair facilities and they should be helpful to get your future business. The trailer on ours also disassembled itself and totaled itself so the new trailer was bought with what insurance money there was then we found out about the rot.

Best of luck on your search.
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