Kill Switch recommendation?


Oct 23, 2011

I seem to have gotten my grandson's 35 Evinrude working fine. It is electric start only (although I think you can take the cowling off, wrap a rope around the flywheel and yank). Whomever worked on the engine before hooked a bunch of things up backwards or not even close to correct. I cannot determine the year as the numbers are not present on the engine, but I think it is somewhere between late 70's to early 80's.

The key switch that is on there now does not have the lanyard type kill switch on it. I would feel much safer if my grandson hooked a lanyard to his clothes to kill the engine in case he falls out of the boat.

I have seen some products while surfing the web and some of the reviews are horrible (does not work, stuck on kill, stuck on run, lanyard broke, ....). The reviews seem to be about 50-50 depending upon the brand of the switch. Not sure how accurately the reviews match reality as people tend to say something more often when a product does not work.

The engine is a remote steer, so the kill switch will need to be mounted at the helm station as opposed to on the motor. I need something that is highly reliable, water proof or at least water resistant and easy to actually use. Either a key switch that has the lanyard built into it, or a separate switch would be OK.

Any and all recommendations would be appreciated.


Supreme Mariner
Dec 28, 2013
Post pictures as some can identify with colours and graphics.------See your friendly Evinrude dealer they sell / install QUALITY kill switches.