Kawasaki 650 sx won't run helppp


Aug 13, 2010
Hi guys
I have a 88 kawi sx 650 that won't run. I have tried everything to get her running and it doesn't wanna hear it. I had it running great then one day my brother took it out and the gas cap cracked and filled the tank with water (bad I know). I drained the tank and put new plugs and cleaned the carbs. It ran great again then just died. It kicks over with no problem and has 115psi compression in both cylinders. I checked the reeds and cleaned the carbs again. Checked for spark and have it. Checked my gas lines and i have gas going into the carbs. I honestly don't know what it could be I know i had a few wires exposed and I fixed that. Now it still won't run. Please help I don't know what to try next!!!