Just picked up a new to me sears 12' Jon. Have some questions regarding the HIN.


Oct 4, 2011
I just picked up my first boat, which is a 12' Sears Jon boat. Its not much to look at, as most of the paint is gone, but seems to be in good structural shape for its age. It floats, and only has one very minor leak. Leaks about 16oz coke bottle of water over 5 hours with to grown men, trolling motor and fishing gear in it.

The leak I can fix, but I have a question regarding the HIN.

I can't seem to find the HIN anywhere on the boat. But I have found the following:

Transom Plate:
Sears Model 61813
Serial MA02J 007889
Rated for 7.5hp and ~450lb

And on the bow, there is another plate that reads 003344

So I was wondering if the HIN is just hidden somewhere and I am missing it or is it actually missing the HIN plate. In the case that its missing, what is the best way to get the boat registered without it?

Thanks for any advice / help!