It wants to live again


Jan 17, 2008
I bought a 1958 Dorsett Pleasure Cruiser for $200. At the time I thought it was a good deal but after a year of trying to get it to run I am about to give up. I have replaced the fuel lines and plugs hoping to get it going. The motor will start and run for around 20 seconds but dies out. It will not restart for a few hours as if it has flooded and it starts leaking fuel around the lower part of the motor (there is a small hole about 1/4" around about 4 inches above the prop that it leaks out of.) I took the boat to the most "well known" boat repair shop in town and was told it would take around $700 to get running but they would not tell me what was wrong. They replaced a large black box on the left side of the motor but also didn't tell me what it was but charged me almost $100. I recently spoke to the guy I bought it off of and he mentioned that the boat was underwater for about 2 days. Is there any hope for old relic. I really enjoy working on the boat but really don't know that much about it. Please give me some help so I don't have to junk out the boat.