Is it a Monark or a MonArk


Rear Admiral
Nov 13, 2008
There's a question for you all. I have a 1991 MonArk Legend FS1800. SeaArk got into the sport/leisure boat business and produced the MonArk for only a short period of time. They ended up selling that line to Brunswick. Brunswick seemed to keep the name only and adopted the Starcraft Fun/Ski styling and hull design. The FS in mine stands for Fun/Ski and it carries a Starcraft HIN. The family that started Starcraft is now back at the helm and they brought the Monark or MonArk boats with them.

This is what I've gleened from different websites and it may not be 100% correct but I think it's close.

Early MonArk info can be obtained from SeaArk Boats. Newer info comes from either Brunswick or Starcraft.

At one time it appears (can't verify it) that the MonArks were equipped with Mariners and exported to Canada. I'm guessing that Export laws had something to do with selling Merc's in Canada so they shifted to Mariners. Mine was made at the Brunswick plant and originally sold in California with a Mariner engine that was made in Belgium. By the way, the engine is junk but the boat is sweet.