Indmar Assault Check Engine Light


Jul 13, 2020
Hoping someone can give me some insight. Purchased a 2007 Moomba Outback V this year with a Indmar Assault 325. Have put about 30 hours on the boat and it has been running great. Last week we had been out all day and developed vapor lock, which was easily solved once the engine compartment cooled down, boat started right up then, no check engine light. When we got back home, I forgot to turn my battery switch off on one of the batteries, and battery 1 ended up dead (left my stereo and amp on). I put a trickle charger on it, but I forgot to turn the battery switch to off. Battery fully charged up, went out again this weekend but when I started it the check engine light was on. Checked all the fluids, engine temp, so on so forth, everything seemed to be fine so we ran the boat for a few hours with no issues. Boat has been on and off multiple times, but the check engine light is still on. Nearest dealer is a couple hours away (Moomba or Indmar), so would like to skip a trip if its nothing major. Thought about picking up scan tool software for my laptop and run the codes myself and reset, but was wondering if there is another way to reset the ECU and see if it comes back on or anything major I should be watching for if all other specs seem normal (fluid levels, boat temp, no vibrations, running well).



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Mar 8, 2009
If a battery is discharged more then 50% it can be damaged. With battery switches OFF, battery charger has been turned OFF for at least 30 minutes.

Put a voltmeter on each battery and see if they are close to 12.7V

Might just need a new bat