In floor cooler


Jul 2, 2012
1998 Ventura deck boat. There is a cooler (I think?) in the floor. It has a drain in the bottom, the drain just drains into the bottom of the boat. When I peek down the drain, there is always water in there. Shouldn't it drain to the back of the boat? I am in the process of replacing the rotten transom, so the boat is sitting on the trailer, have the bow of the boat raised well above the stern, but the water isn't draining. I tried poking a wire from the back, under the ribs, and I can't find any spot in the rib where the water could drain. How is the water from the cooler thing supposed to get out?


Jun 4, 2011
Re: In floor cooler

Not sure about your particular boat but many boats have drains (though a poor design) that drain to the inside of the hull or bilge area. Because of the different building practices on different models and year boats it is sometimes hard to find building schematics so you will have to investigate yourself. A digital camera with a flash down in the hull sometimes can help. Usually a in deck cooler or bait well will have a drain that leads to the bilge area or some have a macerator pump to pump them out overboard through plumbing. The latter is the better design especially if it is a baitwell as you don't want fish guts down in a bilge. Anyway, take some pics and good luck. The boat regardless should have weep holes from one compartment to another under the deck to allow water to escape to the stern.