I jackknifed my 16 ft boat and trailer.


Jun 19, 2023
Well I was 18 years old and my 68 cutlass had a leaking rear axle bearing oil on my brakes causes that wheel to lock up when I toped a hill at about 50 mph I saw a vegetable stand on right shoulder a funeral hearse Cadillac oncoming lane of two lane road. and right in my path a guy had 🛑 stopped putting his car in parking with no brake lights or flashers .the boat came off the trailer landing right near the vegetable stand and my Cutlass got out of control vearing towards the Hearse the Cadillac floored it and I just missed crashing into it. Everything worked out no tickets got insurance check and people at vegetable stand helped me put boat on trailer.And put everything back in the boat. 1968 Mfg beachcomber had very thick fiberglass all I had to do is put motor back on buy a battery and steering cable .Lol first time Did a steering cable backwards. I turned the wheel right and the boat was aiming left.This taught me to always keep 50 yard buffer in an old car in disrepair.