How to remove fuel sector switch


Petty Officer 1st Class
May 29, 2011
How to take off fuel selector switch for most Sea Doo :
*Turn selector switch to off if it's not already

*Use a sharpie and write on each of the fuel lines (hopefully not grey anymore so maybe use some tape) and mark which line goes where on the back of the selector switch, this will save you from having to trace them back down later. Clamp and disconnect lines.

* on the front of the selector switch dial there will be a small rubber grommet, pull it out revealing a screw w/lock washer. Remove screw and pull center portion of the switch straight towards you, this is the plastic arrow shaped piece that you actually turn to choose on, res, or off.

* You should now see the large pvc nut that holds the guts to craft. I take a crescent and instead of trying to grab the nut, just close the tool all the way and stick it to the side of the nut, then turn guts of it from the inside, but I'm sure you'll figure it out either way you choose to do it.

Now clean all that sure to be green goo out of there and move on with the rest of you in reverse to put it back together.