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Mar 25, 2001
BEFORE you start asking questions on these Forums by following the good advice listed below PLEASE read this FIRST. It can save you, and our Forum contributors a LOT of time.

These Forums have a very good Search feature, just like search engines have, to find answers to many of your engine, fishing, boating and related questions. That means that you can do a single or multi-word search in these Forums and then read what others have already said on these Forums on that specific topic. Just click on Search at the top of this and every Forum page, then type in the search word(s) you want information on and then hit the Search button. Happy Searching! Once you have tried a search but still need to post a topic, here are some tips to posting:

1. Be sure you are in the correct forum for your topic.

2. State your problem in the name of the topic.

3. Don't capitalize except where it is normal.

4. Don't clutter up your request for help with HELP!!! or PLEASE!!!. We know you want help. Tell us what kind of help you need.

5. All posts related to your request should be posted as replies to that topic, not on a new topic.

6. Don't add a new question to someone elses topic. If you have a new question, make a new topic.

7. Be patient. If you haven't had a reply, it is because no one with a useful reply has come along.

8. Please be brief. Long, rambling tales with important info related to your question buried in the narrative are very hard to read and understand. Some helpers will just ignore it.

9. If you are having a problem with an engine, please tell us the make, model and year of the engine and the history of the problem.

Welcome. :) There are a lot of experts here ready to help you solve your problem.
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