How to check starter solenoid using multimeter


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Oct 15, 2010
I have a 70 hp mariner, and am wondering how to test if my starter solenoid is faulty or not, i have diagnosed the ignition is fine, and the staret cranck over by shorting with a screwdriver, although when i turn the key nothing at all, although there is 12v on the ignition wires.

i am belieive it is the starter solenoid but dont know how to test without buying a new part to test.


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Mar 25, 2001
Re: How to check starter solenoid using multimeter

The fact that your PT&T is also not working points to battery, battery cables or battery cable connections.

Remove and clean both ends of the battery cables, with particular attention to where the battery ground cable bolts to the engine block.

Good luck. :)


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Sep 7, 2009
Re: How to check starter solenoid using multimeter

To test the soleniod you would want to connect the red lead from your meter to the small positive terminal on the soleniod and check for voltage when the switch is turned to the start position. If you get 12 volt there then your switch is probably OK. Move the red lead to the negative side and try again, if you still get 12 volts then you have a ground issue to find. You should not read voltage on the negative side. Last read across the negative and postive sides at the same time, if you get 12 volts but the soleniod does not pull in then replace the soleniod.