Hot Gun'les


Seaman Apprentice
May 15, 2013
I'm new to PK. Just got a used 2004 165SC (kodiak) a couple months ago. Now that we've had a heat wave I noticed that the gunwales get REALLY HOT in the sun - WOW !!! Since I want to use this as a family boat I don't want my guests to be uncomfortable . So I'm wondering if anybody else was concerned about this and found a good solution.
The gun'le is biege, about 2 inches wide. I was thinking of trying bike handlebar tape or fuzzy tennis grip wrap. Any other thoughts out there ?

Glad to see PK owners keeping in touch. Can't wait to formulate more questions - I have prop/motor questions and although they might be more approp. on those , I hope PK owners will be able to share their PK info.