HiLiner 222 Sportsman


Jul 14, 2008
I am looking at purchasing a 1971 HiLiner 222 Sportsman. Great deal I feel. The HIN (DLZ082801182) says that the boat is a 1982, built in Delaware, but it is supposed to be a 1971. What is up with that? Anyone know? I have heard good things about this boat, and read a few good things from some of you guys. The hull and all the fiberglass looks real good. I know it is going to be a lot of work to get it into a good fishing boat, but I am willing to do the work.....so!
Also, it originally had a 4 cyl, alum block engine and the guy who is selling it started to install a Merc 165, 6cyl.(250) in it. Is that a feasable swap? Can that switch be made without any trouble? IE: mounting, outdrive (Alpha 1) matching up.....etc.
I would appreciate any info or suggestions. Also any pro & cons on this boat/deal. I see a couple of you have HiLiners. Thanks much!!