Hard to Shift Throttle/Reverse Gate on 2002 Utopia 205


May 2, 2001
Hi, my 2002 Utopia 205 is getting harder and harder to shift into gear and throttle up. It gets worse as it gets colder outside. This has been ongoing for years. When the reverse gate is up and I throttle up I can feel the cable grinding a bit.

Looking for advice. Is there a way to lubricate the cables? Otherwise I'm thinking about replacing the cables. I found these at shopsbt.com:

Sea-Doo Jet Boat Throttle Cable Code: 27-4151 $59.95
Sea-Doo Jet Boat Cable (Reverse) Code: 27-2154 $118.95

Are these the correct cables? Anyone know where I can get instructions to change them out myself? I'm fairly handy, do most of my own maintenance and extras, but not a master mechanic by any means.

My one concern is about messing up the over-rev sensor on the throttle shifter - I have a problem where when I throttle up, the over-rev sensor sometimes comes on at low speed. I have to then go back to neutral and try it again a few times - sometimes I give a good smack to the housing - and then I can throttle up fine. This usually happens when I haven't used the boat in a while. I'm worried about messing this up further if I change the cables myself.

fyi - my reverse bucket does not bind (I've read some posts on this problem) - mine flops down when the cables are removed.

Advice appreciated, thx.
2002 Seadoo Utopia 205 Merc 240 EFI with Bennett Hydraulic Trim Tabs
1997 Seadoo GTX