Great Labor Day Weekend


Jun 30, 2004
wow man!
those are some real cool pics. that ought to get ya right up to the top when ya google search AristoCraft Nineteen pics. there are hardly any, if any, pics of a Nineteen with a soft top (let alone full soft top enclosed).... those are great. much thanks for posting those up.... even complete with fore and aft pendants... how cool is that....
neat that ya use yer Ninteen for camping too. guess i'm not the only one.... most of my overnighters have been on the missouri river (short of a single overnight that i sleep on the Nineteen tied up to a dock at my local watering hole). sure is lonely out on the missouri river in the middle of the night. ya better have all yer ducks in a row as there's no one at all to help ya out if ya get hosed. guess i'm getting older. havn't done the overnight missouri river thing in the last few years..... thanks again for posting up them pics.... everyone will enjoy those i'd think.