Gamefisher 15 questions/problems


Petty Officer 2nd Class
Jan 3, 2004
Hi guys,

I just bought a very nice aluminum boat that came with a Gamefisher 15. The motor looks to be in very good shape. However, it will not start unless I throw some gas into the carb with a syringe. Once it starts, it runs great and will start again the first pull every time. If I wait a few hours, I will have the same issue. I'm following the right process to start it up (prime it, use the choke, prime it with the motor's prime pump (I first prime it with the fuel tank's prime hand pump until its hard).

The other questions I have are:

What year is this motor?

I assume it is a 15HP?

Who makes it and can I get parts for it?

What compression should this motor have on the pistons?

Model # 225 581501
Serial # 8576

Please help.