Fuel Tank Installation


Jul 7, 2011
So originally when my wife and I purchased this 1987 Pro-Line 23, we thought we were getting a decent deal especially with a 2001 Johnson 225 strapped to the back. However we didn't exactly get the "deal" that we originally thought but I digress onto the problem at hand.

I am replacing the fuel tank this week (hopefully) the old tank is out, the old foam has been cut out, the cavity has been cleaned (and is in pretty amazing shape), and the new tank will be ready to pick up Monday. So my question is this; How should I secure the new tank? The old tank was just in the cavity with foam surrounding it, no 5200 on the bottom, no bolts, nothing. I have been doing a lot of reading online and I have read a couple different things about using foam some good some not so good. I am a little weary of the foam because it does hold a little water but the tank that was in the boat lasted for 20+ years and I feel that in 20+ years I won't even remember this boat. All of the bad things people have posted about foam all have one thing in common, no one gives an alternative...

Also I was wondering if I should spray the tank with a zinc chromate primer paint to give the tank the added anti-oxidizing layer.

Thanks for your time
Jul 10, 2011
Re: Fuel Tank Installation

FUNNY thing im doing this right now myself......heres what im gonna do......i will treat the outside of the tank with a sealer for alumn...... spray a sealer in where the tank will lay.... get rubber strips to run long ways not side to side on bottom of tank.......to allow water to run when boat is up and going water will drain toward the stern and not get caught up under tank! i will NOT use foam because it will seperate and trap water.....i will use straps to hold the tank down( i will also put rubber under the straps to prevent damange to the top of tank)...........while ur doing all of this i would check the hoses and related hardware to insure good condition..............in my case i am changing it all.... one because its all open easy to get to and 2 knowning you fuel system is NEW relives a little stress off ya. and 3 alot of times ive seen people put new tanks in and not the hoses and a year later did it all over again because the hoses disingrated and clogged his pickups.Fuel tank installation is very important and should be done right...if you have a issue ask ur local marine store what they recommend im sure they will help you out!!!!! good luck and remember someone else out there is doing it to...................let me know how you make out