FrankenMerc 45/50 hp troubles


Aug 27, 2020
I aquired a boat with a 1987 Classic 50 (45 hp) some years ago. During Covid, came down with a lack of power on the water. Ended up taking it to a local guy recommended by interweb reviews. Bad move. Ended up with his recommendation of “replace powerhead.” He had one handy. After a year, money and a number of new parts, I went and got it back. Brought home a for the most part assembled motor (that “started”) and many, many parts from both motors. Turns out he had installed the powerhead from a 50 hp rather than from Classic 50. Everything seems to fit and in my spare time have reassembled to the point of starting the motor. But will not continue to run. I had to disassemble carbs and much of motor to clean it as the asshat had left the boat outside under a tarp (not what I was told, but I digress) and there was a white deposit throughout the motor. Anyhoo…. 50 hp fuel pump is part of carb assembly and Classic 50 was separate. I confess when I put the carbs back together, it might not have been to the highest standard. Motor seems to want to run but appears to have a fuel supply issue. If I pump it up with bulb before starting it will run for a little. Just want to get on water.