Fisher Boat


Apr 5, 2013
I am looking into buying a 1989 Fisher V-hull. It has a working 1992 Evinrude 9.9 hp and trolling motor. It also has live well and 3 seats. All lights on boat and trailer work. It is riveted but has been welded in the front to fix a slow leak.

It is going for $1700. Is that overpriced? Does anyone know anything about models around that year or anything about the quality of fisher boats in general?

I currently have a 14ft gheenoe canoe with a 8hp motor (10hp and 675lb capacity.) How would the fisher compare to the canoe? I definitely don't want to buy a boat with lower capacity. Is it even worth buying it? The canoe is great and stable with 3 people on it. My only problem with it is person in the front gets soaked because its sides are so low.

Thanks for the help!


Master Chief Petty Officer
Aug 9, 2012
Re: Fisher Boat

I think Fisher had a decent reputation before they were bought out. An 89 model should have a coast guard capacity tag. That information is duplicated on some state titles or registration. My Fisher 1448 john is rated for over 800 pounds of people and gear and a 25hp outboard.

Prices vary so widely across the country that my opinion of price is worthless but that price is in line with what people are asking around here. I suggest you go to to get a feel for prices in your area. You will need to do the motor, trailer and boat separately. Here you can expect to pay more than what nada says.