ESP? Worth it or not?


Seaman Apprentice
Jan 24, 2008
I am looking at a quote for a 2008 2275RLi Anniversary Edition w/ESP and a Yamaha F150. I've only found performance specs on boats of other sizes, or boats that don't have ESP.

Bennington says that ESP will improve top speed, as well as buoyancy. I like the idea of riding higher in the water because much of where I fish is very shallow, plus they say there's no bow wake to get over when powering up.

Anyone have any experience with how ESP improves speed? It is a $3300 (Cdn) upgrade over the Performance Package. The extra money gets me power-assist steering, wave shield, ?foils? which appear to be like lifting strakes, and the elliptical center tube.

The alternative is to stick with the Performance Package but upgrade the motor to, say, a 200hp or 225hp. A 225hp is ~$6000 more than the 150hp. From the performance specs I?ve read comparing 150 to 225, there?s only a 5mph increase, which hardly seems worth the extra money.