dash cams

redneck joe

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Mar 18, 2009
I see too much crazy crap out there so time to get one.

Got one for the truck already but is a bit different than my needs now. It has only forward unless you are in reverse. Very nice for the boat but on my car I want to be actively recording both at the same time.

Here's my prob - I got it based on a recommendation of someone at the ramp so I didn't do any real research and in looking at all the terms/features/etc that I would need to learn I thought I'd ask yall.

Here are my (currently known) wants:
no wifi connection, want bluetooth. I don't have 100% cell coverage here
no need for screens, I have a back up built in therefore app only is fine
large capacity, sometimes may want to look back a day or two
intuitive app so don't have to relearn every time
hardwired would be ok, prefer bluetooth to add
prefer rear not have to be hardwired to the front/main
no interior view who wants to record what one does inside a car
wide angle a nice to have
don't need parking time recorded
downloadable video

anything I don't know feel free to list if it is a must have.

This one would appear to be close to what i want other than wired to the main and wifi. Can they be recording without the wifi? What does the wifi do?

Love to have a system that could just add cams to them, like my home Nest cams. Or possibly I could buy two diff brands and just have two diff apps



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May 29, 2003
I will have to ask at the fire station ... we are getting 18 cameras for our rigs ... unfortunately we have to at this point ... we need documentation.

Scott Danforth

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Jul 23, 2011
you realize that the wifi system uses a short-range wifi network that is picked up within 20-30 feet of the unit, correct?


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Mar 8, 2009
I have 2 Garmin and do like them, they only look forward. Got it after sleeping Cop gave me a ticket

This ONE
and I turned off interior sound and GPS speed