Continental Hardtop Engine Removal


Jun 10, 2020
I am taking my time to have a good job when I'm done. The 165hp L6 has these 2 motormount bolts in the rear that are 3/4" heads...well they have nylon lock washers on them, and a nylon coil lock on the bolt, so if you remove all the rubber on the Port side, then the tubes and hoses too, you can get the nozzle of a porpane torch in there to heat the nut, and twist it out with an 85# tire gun... you cant pull them with a 1/2" drive... its too weak. My 3/4" drive set didn't have a 3/4" socket, so I went junking and found one at a local everything mart. Now the other side(Starboard) is what I want to discuss with you pros...

I am a muscle bound galloot and I can twist off 9/16 bolts all day with a 1/2" breaker bar....
I am no slouch with the big tools, and I - could not - twist the bolts free, even with the 3/4 drive...

There is another nylon nut on there too, but it is up inside of the mount, and you can't hardly even get a finger on it, let alone a torch.... So I am sleeping on it... lets see, I have a Mapp gas torch, with a hose on the nozzle that I might be able to get in there... but that's like 4200 degrees, so I think its gonna take like about ten seconds to heat the nut! better not to miss the nut due to a few hoses and wires that you can't move out of the way.
I was concidering cutting the mount with a die grinder, but there isn't enough room for that either. So I am back to the flexible mapp gas idea.

The starboard side is stuck bad. I got the port nut off, and bolt coming, but the starboard is a bad boy.
I can't get it to turn at all, even after about 5 min of propane.

Any wild ideas? Previous experiences? New cuss words I could learn?!!? I welcome great ideas on how to fix stuff, its part of my training as a shop sweep and tool fetch!