Boat seat cushion parts Question

Todd Lewis

Sep 8, 2020
Hi All, I have a 1996 Sea Ray 175 Bow Rider and I am not sure the correct name for the blocks that lock the seat down. They are placed on the underside of the cushions. Here are some pictures. I am hoping someone know what they are called and can point me in the right direction for purchasing them. I know them as being seat cushion lock blocks but can’t find any seller of them. Thanks in advance for any information. My last resort may be to have someone 3D print them for me.


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Supreme Mariner
Jul 18, 2011
Can you give us a bit of context as to which seat in the boat uses these and where in the seat it is located. Pictures of the seat and the block's location would help.

Scott Danforth

Grumpy old guy who plays with boats
Jul 23, 2011
call searay. those are searay seat retainers, the upholstry was made either in-house in the searay factory upholstry shop, or by a sister division of Brunswick back then. they may have been made by Garelick (no longer in the seating business - in fact sold to attwood many years ago) or by attwood. however you need to start with calling searay's customer service line. BTW, most seat companies only keep parts on-hand for 5 years. being a 26 year old seat, you may need to get some starboard and make your own (with a saw, router, etc)

either way, the seat retainer shown in the pictures is most likely a proprietary brunswick part from prior to SeaRay moving the small boat manufacturing to mexico in the early 00's

I can tell you that that is not current seat clip technology which is chinese or taiwan sourced 304 stainless clips and pop clips.