Boat pulling right or left, by MikDee Verified

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Mar 25, 2001
The first thing to check is the small trim tab just under your anti-ventilation (also called cavitation) plate.

If your boat is pulling to the right, like all boats with clockwise (normal) prop rotation, turn the back of the trim tab on the cavitation plate to the right like this if looking at it from above (\)

If your boat is pullling to the left, usually what happens with counterclockwise (opposite) rotation, turn the back of your trim tab to the left like this (/)

The amount of angle of the tab will vary depending on your situation (trial, & error)

The reason this works, is because water pressure underway will turn your lower unit in the direction the tab is facing, slightly couteracting prop torque.
It will be most effective once at planing speed.

When going on, or coming off plane, a slight wiggle might be felt due to the counteracting forces, of the tab, & prop torque.
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