Any Problems With 1996 Pro-V 200hp Carb.

Jun 9, 2007
Hello, Just been looking at some outboard motors for my 99` Charger 375T, 19ft, 1550lbs a fish and ski. One motor I have my eye on is a 1996 Yam Pro-V 200hp Carb. with about Est. 100 to 150hrs of run time, planning on meeting the guy this weekend on motor, Are there any thing that could be a potential problems with this model, year and Liter size, And what type of speed I can expect out of this combo, My second motor is a 2000 Yam V-max HPDI No ideal on run time about the same price and this one from ebay, any info will help.

Capt Ken

Jul 30, 2002
Re: Any Problems With 1996 Pro-V 200hp Carb.

Either one you will need a compression test to be sure you aren't buying a pig in a poke. My preference would be the HPDI being its a better running engine with better fuel economy. The 96 engine, you are taking the owner's word on the hours. The HPDI you can plug into the diagnostic system and it will tell you if there is any problems.