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Sep 14, 2008
Just found this artificial Intelligence done song of Canadian Pacific as if Gordon Lightfoot sang it. This is scary because it is just the beginning. Imagine when pros and real computer companies get into this. My wife who is the world's biggest Lightfoot fan (She played in a group that opened for him long ago) could not believe this wasn't him doing it.
I found that the instrumental background is the Hank Snow version. Since the timing is the same as the Hank Snow recording I assume the computer replaced Snow's voice with the Lightfoot generated sound.

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Mar 27, 2024
AI covers are beautiful, but upon careful listening, one can notice that the AI singer reproduces the song in the same way the original singer performed it. If the original singer were to sing it, they might add extra elements that deeply affect the song. This can only be done by the original singer because it involves emotional nuances and the personal touch with which the singer performs the song.

While AI can adeptly mimic certain patterns and musical styles, the challenge lies in capturing the depth of human emotions, improvisation, and the subtle nuances that make each musical performance a unique and emotionally charged experience. Many AI-generated pieces, including those featuring AI-generated vocals, often lack the authentic emotional connection that comes with a human performer. Human musicians bring a profound layer of personal experiences, feelings, and spontaneous elements to their performances, contributing to the emotional impact of the music.