85 HP Suzuki losing power after a bit


Jul 8, 2008
Hello, I have an 1988 (Im pretty sure..) 85 hp three cylinder susuki 2stoke outboard. The engine starts up great every time, and will drive very nice at multiple speeds for about 30-45 minutes. At that time, I go to speed the boat up (which has been no problem a few minutes earlier) and the engine will sputter, struggle, and then crap out. I can get it running again, but it runs rough after that and will not let me go faster than 5 mph. This is the second time this has happend after about the same amount of time driving. (one ten minute stop in there before this happend). I pulled off spark plug wires one at a time while this was going on and noticed no change in the engine when pulling the #3 wire (I assume its #3 since its on the bottom). I have good power on the wire (It shocked the crap out of me). When I got home after that I pulled the plug and another to compare and they both looked great except the #3 plug was a little wetter. Any thoughts?


Petty Officer 1st Class
Mar 26, 2003
Re: 85 HP Suzuki losing power after a bit

Start with the basics, do a compression test and let us know the results.