76 Southwind stringer advice


Mar 27, 2010
Hello all! I am currently in the assessment stage of restoring my 76 Southwind 20 Bowrider. I have stripped the interior and started pulling the framing under the stern. There is substantial rot under rear seat and gas tank. My question is what is the best way to determine the condition of the stringers? Should I go ahead and cut out the fiberglass flooring in a section and remove foam? What is under the foam? Is it safe to assume that if the wood that was once the outside floor corner rounding down into the transom is shot so are the stringers? I realize that this is a large undertaking, I just do not want to replace the stringers if they are sound. The driver/passenger appears to be solid. The main area is from mid engine back where the flooring turns down.
Any comments/suggestions would be taken to heart.


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