5.0L MPI Idle Air Control Valve OEM vs Aftermarket

Lou C

Nov 10, 2002
Old school carb means no proprietary parts that can be made NLA like what happens with engine ECMs and ignition modules. It’s all the in the aftermarket with carbs no matter what your preference is due to the huge collectible car and hot rod aftermarket. Quadrajet, Holley or Edelbrock take your choice. Yes MPI runs better than carbs when cold but when they act up repairs are more complex and expensive. $50 + 2hrs of my time rebuilds the 4 bbl Quadrajet and mechanical fuel pumps last 30 years and can be replaced for less than 100 bucks. To each their own....


Petty Officer 2nd Class
May 31, 2015
PITA to fog though. Remote tank. What a mess.
My mechanic would make up the recommended witch’s brew and then after seasonal change of the fuel filters he would fill the filter housing with the mixture and then briefly run the motor to accomplish fogging. I plan on doing this same process myself this end of season. Guessing I’ll see a little exhaust smoke then shut it down.