2004 180BR window replacement suggestions


Nov 21, 2020
My starboard wing window and window frame were damaged when Georgia Power dumped a massive amount of water into our lake ramming my boat into the ceiling of my boat house. I am really struggling to find a replacement and I would appreciate any suggestions or help. The boat is a 2004 Crownline 18' Bow Rider with hull ID JTC57569I405. I went to the Crownline website and they do provide a reference document (https://crownline.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/all-taylor-made.pdf). But unfortunately there are no years on the document. My guess is the right part number is 775004002209. But that is just a guess. I contacted Taylor Made who says they can supply that part number for $700. I am actually willing to spend that much if I know the part is the right one. But I really have no way of knowing for certain that is the right part number.

My questions are:
  1. Does anyone know how I can figure out the correct part number that I need? Taylor Made puts labels under the rubber rub rails on the window but they are too faded to read.
  2. Does anyone have a suggestion on where I might buy one used. I have checked eBay and searched for any type of salvage business but I am coming up empty.
I would appreciate any suggestions anyone may have.