200101 360 SE Norcold fridge question


Petty Officer 2nd Class
Aug 22, 2012
Looking for some feedback on 01 360SE Norcold fridge having turned off . Currently taking care of a boat that we have been given the use of for summer. May have opportunity to purchase.
Over weekend on Sunday was cleaning inside galley, used central vaccum which I think may have tripped a breaker as noticed yesterday evening the fridge was no longer on. Panel shows power to fridge but it is not on,. Master breaker ? Next steps? Owned a 250SE previous, just getting familiar w this unit, starting to go through manuals but any help is appreciated. I believe there is also a 5 amp glass fuse on back of fridge as well, hoping do not have to access that...

Other than that have know the owner for a while, boat has been taken care of but unfortunately owner no longer with us:( Lost a good friend who wanted me to own this boat following